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Super Traffic Board

Certain “AI add-on” providers use an external flight scheduling engine to implement AI traffic rather than the built-in simulator facility (traditionally known as “Traffic BGLs”).  Examples include:

Where an external engine is in use, STB may not be able to access the information required to provide the complete information normally seen for flights the arrivals and departures board, and a number of commands and features may not work as expected or may not be supported.  As UT2 provides an API for STB to obtain additional information from, STB is able to offer a more complete picture for UT2 traffic.

The following is a summary of those areas in STB affected by external scheduling that we are aware of.  Please see the corresponding sections in the user guide for additional information.  The actual impact varies by AI add-on type, as described in the below.  The initials at the start of each point (e.g. UT2, UTL, and AH) describe how each product affects the operation of STB.  If a particular add-on type is not listed the STB function should work correctly, and All” refers to all add-ons using external scheduling.   For any other simulator add-ons that use external scheduling, the expected behaviour is as per Ultimate Traffic Live.

o Enforce Minimum Separation:  Deletes AI aircraft when an approach conflict occurs in order to resolve it, but the deleted aircraft is not recreated at a parking position at the destination airport.

o Recover Deleted Arrivals is not available and performs no action if enabled.

Considerations for Using STB with an External Traffic Scheduling Engine