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Super Traffic Board

Super Traffic Board for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D V3 and V4

Starting from the idea of displaying flight information as you would find at any real world airport, Super Traffic Board (STB) goes far beyond this with new and exciting ways of presenting flights and interacting with your AI traffic.  Supporting FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D V3 (full V4 support coming soon), STB includes specially configured content for MyTrafficX, TrafficX/360, ORBX/FTX, Ultimate Traffic 2 (FSX Version only), World of AI and with limited support available for Ultimate Traffic Live. Even the user’s aircraft can be listed, and follows similar departure and arrival sequence as AI flights do.

In addition to displaying basic arrivals and departure flight details, STB categorizes aircraft according to the operator (offering unique interpretations for Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA flights), shows flight numbers and IATA codes where available, displays real world airport names and reports advanced information including allocated runways, parking/gates, speed, altitude and distance of each flight from the airport.  Flights entering a certain state are also highlighted, such as “Final Call” and “Closed”.

Taking interactivity to a new level, through STB you can monitor approach airspace and automatically resolve conflicts that might otherwise result in go-arounds, dynamically optimize your traffic volumes across airports for the best possible performance, follow a flight from departure airport to destination and order flights to begin departure procedures immediately.   Arrival airspace not busy enough?  No problem, with STB you can create new arrival flights instantly using the arrival schedule for the airport.  Old favorites like View AI and Delete AI are included too.

Not only does STB show the current AI and historical flight information in your simulator, but also those due to occur at a later time and for any airport in the world.  

Developed for both pilots and “spotters” with support from all of the main AI vendors, you can be sure of a great experience every time.  

Hot News!

STB V4.0.2018.03100 for Prepar3D-V4 update now available.  Please visit the downloads page or click here for details and download link.

STB V3.4.1.2 for Prepar3D-V3 product update now available.  This update fixes bugs, simulator changes and introduces new features such as the Enhanced View AI Camera and Observer system. Please visit the downloads page or click here for details and   download link.

STB V3.2.1.15 for FSX and FSX Steam Edition now available. This update fixes bugs and enhances existing features. Please visit the downloads page or click here for details and download.

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